Public Speaking Engagements

People who struggle with insight or awareness into the cause(s) of their symptoms may benefit most from individual therapy. My approach assists people in making sense of the ways in which they have learned to interact with the world. Utilizing this approach, once a person becomes aware of the cause(s) of their behavior, they feel more grounded or in control. This provides them with the opportunity to choose to continue engaging with the world in the way that, often times, feels automatic, or to change. 

Couple’s tend to fall into routines or patterns of behavior that can be perceived as hurtful by a member of the relationship. Participating in couple’s counseling is a great way to gain perspective about the things that work well in a relationship as well as patterns of behavior that need to be re-examined. 

Couple's Counseling

People who belong to groups and organizations may highly benefit from learning the skills necessary to form and maintain healthy relationships and self-esteem. Information related to African American mental health may also be desirable, given the current racial climate. I am happy to share information related to both topics with interested parties. 

Individual Therapy

Dr. Keya Wiggins, Ph.D. & CGP

Licensed Psychologist and Certified Group Psychotherapist